Hi There!

I am so happy you are here and ready to take a massive step for your business! And I'm so honored that you trust me to take your dreams and put them to work!

It's going to be an exciting journey and we're in it together. Whether you have a brand in desperate need of some life or you're starting from scratch, we'll get you there!

Katelyn Trulove, Web Designer

My job as your strategist and designer is to give you a pretty brand that your customers love,

but it's not just about looking the part. Success is in the details! Every tiny detail and every customer interaction is meticulously considered for each brand & website I create. And then we take it a step further and carry those details through in your marketing.

Why? because I care. And I know you do too! Your customers will see that attention to detail, and they'll be sold, not just on your product, but on you as a brand.

See..at the end of the day, I am a small business owner too. So of course, I'm sitting in your corner cheering you on! 

a little about me...

I'm Katelyn but, you can call me KT!

I'd say my creative pursuits and entrepreneurship date back to 1994, selling construction paper creations to my family members. It's just part of who I am.

For so long, I struggled to find the perfect outlet for my passions. I remember my 5th-grade teacher condemning me to a life in trouble because I used creative liberties when I should have just followed the instructions. What she didn't know was, when used productively, my rebellious creativity would make me unstoppable!

I like to get on a soapbox and spread my hard-earned wisdom to anyone who will listen. Because I believe, If you are passionate about something, there is no reason you can't turn it into something extraordinary! That's what being a brand strategist and web designer is to me! My husband and three girls will tire of me preaching this one day, but I'll never stop.

I'm not all hustle all the time, though. Burn out is a real thing! I really enjoy simplicity, and I'm lucky enough to have a home and some land where I can slow down. Hiking, yard work, yoga, and a good Netflix binge are where it's at on the weekends.

I'm really an open book. As we work together, you'll get to know that I just enjoy sharing information and fueling passion. There's no secret marketing formula I want to hide. One business owner/human connecting with another is enough for me.

web designer and family

Let's work together!

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