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I’m KT and I love to help small businesses define their message and effortlessly infuse it into every impression they make.

I am so happy you are here and ready to take this massive step for your business! And I'm so honored that you trust me to take your dreams and put them to work!

It's going to be an exciting journey and we're in it together. Whether you have a brand in desperate need of some clarity or you're starting from scratch, we'll get you there!

Katelyn Trulove, Web Designer

How we do branding, websites, & marketing:

Directionless, half-marketing

A clear message that resonates.

The #1 struggle I see business owners face is, just not knowing where to start or how to put all of the pieces together. Logo, color scheme, website, social media..these are all of the basics that most companies know they need when starting out. Yes! These are all great but, it’s too easy to end up with some Frankenstein version of your brand when you reading all the blogs, pulling you in a million directions. Then you hire multiple people to tick off your marketing to-do list and you end up with no clear game plan or strategy.

There are so many venues to showcase your offerings and so many other businesses fighting to be heard. You have to think of the big picture or all you are is a name and a logo.

I want to solve that problem for you. Let’s go back to the fundamentals and turn your Frankenstein into a beauty queen. We’ll take a holistic approach to your marketing. Through tried and true research and strategy, you’ll be in just the right position to get you where you want to go. And that ultimate destination is, in front of the right people making the right impression with a consistent brand that you are thrilled to share!

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"Building websites is what I do. The branding, strategy, and marketing are the ingredients we need to make that website work for you."


There will be a lot of smiley faces and exclamation points when you work with me.

I’m sure you know, there are countless web designers and marketing agencies out there that would jump at the chance to work for you ( they may even be cheaper) but I like to think I work with you rather than for you. I’m your biggest fan and your right-hand!

I’m going to get all nerdy with the research, and pumped up about our strategy and check in on you all the time to make sure we’re keeping the path.

The truth is, I just can't paste a logo, brand colors, and some thoughtless content into a website, then hand it off and walk away..I want to watch it grow! So, if you’d rather just buy the book instead of hiring the slightly over-enthusiastic tutor, maybe we aren’t a good fit and that's ok. But if you want a hand to hold when technology & marketing gets you down, I'm your girl!

Ok, now I’m going to blab about myself for a bit..

If you aren’t in love with me yet, I can tell you a little about my credentials. But, if we’re being honest, the credentials I care about are the ones on my portfolio page; what my clients have to say.

I started my career as a hobby blogger fiddling around with WordPress. Out of selfish desire to know more, I went ahead and enrolled myself in some courses at my local community college. One thing led to another and I was Web Design, Web Developer, and WordPress certified.

Through a crazy series of events, I went from hobby blogger/ yoga teacher to marketing for the yoga studio I taught at, as a passion project. Then when my yoga studio was completely shut down by Hurricane Harvey I took a leap to pursue design and marketing as my full-time gig. And just like that, fate (and my education) put all of the pieces together for me. I’ve had the privilege of working for and with some of the greatest people. I built over 80 WordPress websites for small businesses in my local area and I was hooked. I cannot say enough, how much I love working with people who care so deeply about what they do and the communities they serve. I learned infinitely more sitting across the table from business owners like you than I ever could have learned in a classroom. I earned my 10,000 hours by sitting in front of my computer determined to make the dreams of small business owners work. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

So there ya go, It’s more of a story than a resume’, but that’s me. I stumbled my way into living the dream!

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