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What is Brand Management?

Our brand management package is ideal for business owners with more than on location or that own several businesses. We get everything taken care of in one place and our team manages all of the moving parts so that you can focus on running your business.

Our brand management service is your complete solution. We work as if we are your in-house marketing department, We offer brand design and ensure consistent brand standard enforcement. Our package includes web design and a website care plan with unlimited landing pages and monthly blog posting. We also optimize your online presence with everything from our local SEO and digital marketing packages, alongside effective social media management. Paid ads can be included but Ad spend is separate. Not only are we sharing your information but, we work with you in monthly meetings to create engaging promotions. All graphic design is included with your brand management. We keep you informed with quarterly reports and engage in strategic workshopping to maintain a strong, cohesive brand presence across all channels. We truly pull out all of the stops for the brands we manage!

"Katie comes to every meeting with excitement and tons of creative ideas for engaging promotions. She's done everything for us from social media to helping develop concepts for new businesses. Logos, print design, digital marketing - she does it all with enthusiasm and top-notch customer service."

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Setting your brand up for success from the start

  • Logo & Brand Design

    We love discovering the heart and soul of your amazing brand during our killer logo design process. Then we channel all that into crafting an awesome visual ID that instantly speaks to your audience to spark recognition, trust, and wow factor big time!

  • Storefront Interior Design Assistance

    When its time for a new location, you'll need signage, wallpaper, or custom murals, we'd be happy to handle the design and printing coordination to visually transform your space. Our consultants can also advise on choosing colors, furnishings, floorplans and merchandising elements that express your branding with authenticity and draw customers in.

  • Brand Standard Enforcement

    As you grow, our brand strategy sets guidelines for logo, colors, voice and visuals to ensure consistent identity across customer touchpoints. Standardized branding builds familiarity in new markets so people know what to expect while you scale efficiently.

  • Website Design and Maintenance

    We build custom websites optimized for your brand, SEO, speed and security, with seamless Google Business Profile integration. Then we provide ongoing maintenance like updates, monitoring and analytics tracking to ensure optimal performance as the online hub for your brand.

Keep the business growing with brand managment

  • Multi Location Local SEO

    When it comes to SEO for your shops across different locations, we dig into the specifics to determine which local search terms each store should target. Then we fine-tune every location's website and listings so they rank higher for those high-potential phrases. We combine this strategy with correct, consistent citations & directory listings building visibility in the neighborhoods and cities you serve. Just sit back and watch the local leads roll in!

  • Developing Promotions & Marketing Strategy

    Our promotions start with understanding your customers' motivations to craft targeted messaging that speaks to what they care about. We incorporate proven marketing psychology strategies into campaigns designed for seamless user flow across channels. The ultimate goal is building authentic and lasting brand-audience relationships through promotions that resonate on a deeper level.

  • Social Media Management

    Our social media experts research strategies, craft branded content that coincides with our promotions, schedule engaging posts, and respond to your audience across major channels. With us handling optimization plus consistent posting and interaction, we enable audience connection so you can focus on core business and get the most from the promotions we create.

  • Email Marketing

    We collaborate on creating up to 3 customized, expertly-designed emails per month to engage your subscribers, nurture leads and promote your brand and content. With detailed quarterly tracking and optimization, our email approach keeps your business top-of-mind and builds sales through consistent subscriber communication.

  • Graphic Design & Printed Collateral

    We design eye-catching graphics for banners, brochures, packaging, digital ads, presentations and video elements that visually communicate your brand and complement the promotions we create. By ensuring visual cohesion across print and digital touchpoints, we help you wow customers and stand out.

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If any of these situations sound all too familiar, our Brand Management services might be a good fit.

  • Feeling overwhelmed trying to keep your messaging consistent across your website, social posts, newsletters, etc? We can help streamline it!

  • Do your logos, colors, fonts feel all over the place? We can focus your brand on your vision.

  • Struggling to communicate your unique value to customers? We can help you define and share your awesomeness!

  • Target audience not resonating with your current vibe? We can refresh your brand to better match their interests!

  • Merged companies recently? We can smoothly blend your brands so customers aren't confused.

  • Want to expand into new spaces but not sure how to tweak your brand? We've totally got you covered!

  • You've seen decreases in sales/traffic/engagement? Our strategies can reignite your brand's momentum!

Give your brand a boost!

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A stronger connection with your audience starts here. Our brand strategists are standing by to help refresh, realign or rebuild your brand to grow engagement and sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

about brand management

Intentional branding creates consistent experiences that communicate your unique values and deliver on promises made, helping ideal customers relate to your authentic identity and differentiate you. This familiarity and emotional connection established through effective branding builds recognition, relevance and trust over time.

Consistent branding builds awareness and triggers familiarity-driven decisions. People gravitate toward the recognizable and familiar. Our cohesive branding ensures customers recall and prefer your brand, leading them down the sales funnel faster.

Signs it may be time to rebrand include if your current brand identity no longer matches your business model, target audience or long-term visions. Rebranding also makes sense if you have outgrown your startup branding and need something more polished and mature reflecting your growth. And mergers or major shifts in strategy often call for branding changes to signal evolution to both employee and external audiences.

Brand management companies help businesses develop and control their brand identity across all touchpoints. Services include creating visual identities and style guides, ensuring brand consistency across marketing/sales materials and platforms, positioning brands competitively in the marketplace, advising on branding changes, building brand awareness and reputation among target audiences.

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