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If you want your dream clients to drool over your products and race to book an appointment with you, then you need an effective marketing plan. In this blog post, we’re going to show you how to hook your target audience with just 3 steps!

Here we’ll build out your perfect brand statement, we’ll call it a Unique Value Proposition(UVP for short). If you’re like “what the heck does that mean?” click this post to find out more.

Make sure you have all the brand statement essentials before you get started: 

You want to make sure that your company’s UVP reflects what you have established in both your visual brand (i.e logo, imagery, headshots, etc.) and your branding strategy ( i.e. customer avatar, brand story, etc.). If you have an established brand, use it in your UVP and be consistent with the story you are trying to create for your audience.

Before you craft the perfect Unique Value Proposition there are some things you’ll want to tick off the list. 

– Do you know the audience you are speaking to?

– Do you know the problems they face?

– Are you great at providing value in a unique way?

Yes? Great, let’s get started putting together your perfect Unique Value Proposition so you can start attracting your ideal clients.

No? I can help with that! (Well not the providing value part, I’m sure you have that covered! But, I can surely handle the rest!) Let’s talk more about how you can get a clear direction on your brand strategy and get to know your target audience. Click here to book a discovery session. In the meantime, you can still follow the workbook and get a good idea of what you want your brand to say, that’ll make your branding strategy a breeze.

Your UVP should be brief, clear, and consistent with your company’s identity. In other words, to have a good selling point you’ll need to start by thinking about your brand’s purpose.

Below is a FREE workbook I put together to help you work through the process with creating that irresistible brand statement!

Download the Free Workbook

Unique Value Position Workbook

Define Your Unique Value & Win Over Your Dream Customers in just a few steps!

Step 1: Get Zen

Find an environment that is calm and centering so you can clearly hear your inner voice. Ask yourself: Why you started a home design business or wanted to be an event coordinator. Whatever your passion is, why did you decide to turn it into a business? Then ask who you serve and how you help them achieve their goals. Then….listen for a while.

What did you hear? Write down everything! It doesn’t have to be pretty or sound perfect, just let it out.

What: what do you provide that no one else can?

Why: why did you decide to make this business your life’s work?

How: how do you serve your customers?

Step 2: Find What Makes Your Business Unique

There are many different ways to make your business stand out and be unique. Maybe you serve clients in a totally different way than the industry norm. Maybe there is something about the process that makes your service better or maybe it is simply just an interesting spin on what everyone else does. But that little something is going to be how you get the customers that will be your biggest fans. Refer back to your “how” and “why” for this.

Some things that you might consider when trying to find your unique value proposition are:

-your customer service standards

-your workflow for each client

-the details you focus on most

-a signature element you add to your projects

-a value you follow for your business decisions

Here’s how you’re going to nail down your brand’s unique position:

What do your customers need?

Determining the need for your service is as simple as finding the wants, aspirations, fears, and goals of your target audience. Once you have a good idea of this, position yourself as the expert, the savior, the one thing they absolutely need to get from where they are to where they want to be. 

“If you got a problem, yo I’ll solve it” – Vanilla Ice

How is your business different?

You have an in-demand service, so the obvious assumption would be that the need is well known and you are probably not the only person providing this service. But…your why and how (determined in Step 1) is what can set you apart and create that niche group of the perfect clientele. Based on the need you discovered above, which of these “why” and “how” elements should your brand focus on?

What value do you provide you customers?

Ultimately what fuels the decision-making for any consumer is “what’s in it for me?” It’s easy for us business owners to go on and on about the services we provide but, honestly, the customer is going to fade off two sentences into your elevator pitch unless they are convinced it’s going to get them from point A(problem) to point B(solution). What value do you give? What is the ultimate outcome of using your service? You’ve already made yourself the hero, but how does the story end? You’re standing in a pile of rubble with your cape blowing in the wind and the townspeople run over to thank you…what would they say?

TLDR: Your problem is “X” I do “X”  to help you achieve “X” 

Step 3: Put it all together

Ooof! Is your head spinning with ideas yet? Let’s organize all of those amazing thoughts into the copy that’s gonna make them click that CTA. Basic organization for a UVP in a landing page or social post is this.; the hook, the meat, and the TLDR (aka bullet points)

Hook: This one might take some work. It needs to be concise, eye-catching, and flow off the tongue. A question that mentions their need is a good place to start and then if it makes sense, turn that question into a convincing statement.

The meat (1-2 sentences to complete the picture): This is where you tell the reader your unique quality and how it is going to get the job done.

Bullet Points: 3 is a great number. What 3 features are going to assure them of your ability to fill their needs?

Take it a step further:

What kind of imagery can use to help drive it home?:

Bonus** How can you word your call to action to sweeten the deal ( eg. “It’s free”, “no hassle”)

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