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Alright, folks, hold onto your digital hats! We’re about to embark on a journey through the ever-changing online universe, where having a website isn’t just about looking cool (though that’s a bonus). I’m talking about the magical mix of web design & SEO that turns your corner of the internet into a powerhouse.

The Perfect Combination of Web Design and SEO For Google

First up, let’s talk about how web design and SEO are like peanut butter and jelly. Your website isn’t just an art show; it’s a strategic battlefield where aesthetics and search engine love collide. So, that striking design isn’t just for your visitors’ eyes; it’s a breadcrumb trail for those sneaky search engine bots.

Design with SEO in mind:

  • Make it responsive like a cat on a Roomba – everyone is on their phone and Google knows it. You better be looking good for the scroll.
  • Always optimize images! They better load fast and have alt tags or you’re dead to Google.
  • Spacing, size, contrast, OH MY! You may have eagle eyes but, not all of your users do. No grey text on black..No text over complex photos..and no teeny tiny text that those with sausage fingers can’t even click on.

The basic concept is to put yourself in the mind of every user because Google has. Some tend to think that tech giants are money-grubbing, privacy invaders but, the goal of search results is truly to present the most user-friendly, relevant information first. Remember that website SEO is largely a user-first practice. Now sprinkle in some keywords that you know your customers are searching for, and voila! You’ve got a site that not only wows humans but also gets a standing ovation from the robots.

What Google Likes:

The Power of On-Page SEO

Speaking of Google, on-page SEO is like the secret handshake between designers and search engines. Think of it as the decoder ring that lets search engines understand your website’s hieroglyphics.

H1, H2, H3, H4..what does it all mean?

You may have read SEO tips or dabbled in creating WordPress posts of your own and seen H1, H2, and H3 tags. Well, they aren’t just fancy numbers and they certainly aren’t an easy way to size your text(don’t do this!); they are the indicators that guide search engines through your digital maze so they can understand the hierarchy of your content. Basically, the heading tags rank the headings from most prominent(H1) to little helpful side notes(H4).

Meta isn’t just something created by Zuckerberg to confuse us

Don’t forget those meta descriptions – they’re your website’s Tinder bio, enticing users to swipe right (or, in this case, click)! If your website is on WordPress, you can use handy SEO tools like YoastSEO or SEOPress to customize what is called your “metadata” to customize what shows on the search results page when one of your pages or posts gets pinged by a keyword. (See an example of custom title & meta description below)

Google SERP

Technical SEO – The Powerhouse Behind The Scenes

Now, let’s talk about the power of technical SEO. It shapes a website’s online visibility and performance, operating behind the scenes to ensure seamless interaction between a site and search engines. Clean code, snappy load times, and an architecture that flows like a water slide on a summer day – that’s your ticket to a technical SEO Oscar. And if you’re in cahoots with developers, it’s like Batman teaming up with Superman – a match made in website heaven. WordPress plugins can tackle technical SEO pretty well but, there are many factors that you may want a professional web developer or SEO specialist to look at. Ask yourself a few questions; “Is my website being tracked with google tag manager?”, “Am I being indexed by Bing & Google?” “Do I currently have search console errors?” to name just a few. If any of these flew right over your head, you might want to talk to a web expert(I know a pretty good one😉)

That’s a lot of SEO talk. Is your head spinning yet?

Well, that’s not the half of it. You still have Off Page SEO & Local SEO to think about but we’ll tackle that in another blog post. Let’s focus, This is about your website.

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So there you have it, fellow internet explorers. User-friendly web design with highly strategic SEO folded in is the recipe for online success – mix them well, and you’ll have a website that not only turns heads but also converts those head-turners into loyal fans.

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Now, go forth and conquer the digital realm like the rockstar you are! Contact us today if you want to achieve great results.

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