How to Write Incredible Website Copy that Sells

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the written content that is used to create brand awareness and persuade customers to take action. Creating good content for your website is an important aspect of sharing your services. It can make or break a potential lead and it can also give a glimpse into your personality and how you operate your business. It may seem easy to do but there is a lot more that goes into it than just writing a paragraph or two for each subject. You want your website content to be easy to read but also useful in a way that will make potential clients want to actually use your services.

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The First Steps to Writing Your Website Content Copy


Whether you choose to write your own content or hire a copywriter for your website, you will need to know the layout of your website and what you plan to include. This is where a sitemap comes in. A sitemap gives a visual of all of the pages that will be on your website. Your web designer should provide this for you in the planning phase of your website project. Having a sitemap ready can help make sure that all of the content will be written and that it all flows well together. This saves you a lot of back and forth and editing. This is a key topic to bring up when you are interviewing web designers for your project.

Keyword Research

Something that also needs to be considered when copywriting is keyword research. Having this prepared will help you work these words into your content in a relevant way to give you an SEO boost from the very start. Keywords will help bring leads to your website and show search engines what your website is about. This is another question you should be asking every potential web designer you speak with!


Let’s dive deeper into why and how content can affect SEO. It all comes down to how well-written your content is. We mentioned that keywords are important but it’s not enough to just throw in the words randomly into your copy. A good copywriter will write in keywords in a way that makes sense. This way the words will still be picked up by search engines without getting penalized and they will also help generate leads through content that is understandable! One way that keywords should be used is in headings. This helps search engines pick up what individual pages on your website are about and can help lead potential customers to the right spot. 

Another way your content can affect your SEO is the quality. When writing content you want to consider your customers and what they would like to read. The goal for your website content is to attract customers to your website in the first place and make them want to stay. This will affect your SEO ranking as well. 

Create an Outline

Creating an outline for your website is a great way to write out all of your content. This is where you can see the headings, subheadings, and all of the information that goes with them. If you hire a copywriter, they will do a large portion of the content creation but your input is valuable. When presenting their content, a copywriter will share an outline of every page and what will be included. This is where you can see the headings, subheadings, and the information underneath. It can be useful to read it all to make sure that all of the content is correct and is being presented in a way that you like. Making comments or suggestions can help your copywriter create the best content that they can.

Brand Voice

One huge aspect of copywriting for your website is including your brand voice. This is your brand’s personality and you want to make sure it’s laced into everything that you write. It lets the customer understand what your business is about and how you present yourself. You want your copy to match how you want to be perceived as a brand. This is an important topic to discuss with a copywriter.  


Determining how long your copy should be can depend on what needs to be included on your site. This should be discussed before starting with your copy and is when that sitemap can be useful. Each page should have no less than 300 words (500-1000 is best) so, if you plan to have a page for each service you will need quite a bit of content.

Hiring a Copywriter

Writing content for your website means writing information for every single page on your website. This means everything from services to your about page. Content can also include emails that you send out to clients and blog posts.  Not only does all of this information have to be readable, useful, and persuasive; each page needs to be different but still connect well with each other. You could probably talk about your business all day but, let’s face it, you’re busy. This is one reason hiring a professional can help! A good copywriter has experience writing in a way that sells. More importantly, the copywriter you choose needs to be amazing at communication. Putting together good website content is a combined effort! A copywriter needs to know the right questions to ask and pull that information out of you without giving you too much of a headache. Clear communication can go a long way to make this process easy.

Average Cost to Hire Someone

So how much will hiring a copywriter cost you? This can be dependent on everything you want to include and how a copywriter chooses to charge. Some charge per hour they work, some do per a word but a lot of copywriters will charge per project. A more experienced copywriter might charge more than a beginner. The price will also depend on how many pages your website will have and any additional services like sales, email, and blog content. The rate can range anywhere between $200 to over $1000 for each service that you need. 

Creating content for your website doesn’t have to be hard. Hiring a copywriter can help generate leads, boost your SEO, make your website more interesting and save you time. When hiring, make sure you do your research to find someone that will listen to your feedback and give your a return on your investment.

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