Rebrand: Recognizing the Signs It’s Time

Your business is more than a logo. It represents your business’s identity, personality, values and offerings. Your company’s branding is one of its most valuable assets. It encapsulates the identity, messaging and visuals that reflect what your business stands for. Even the strongest brands can start to falter over time. It may be time for a refresh or rebranding as new challenges arise, the market changes and your company evolves. Rebranding helps you to re-energize your company’s purpose and better resonate with your target customers. A successful rebrand involves evaluating your current brand identity, defining new positioning, updating visual assets across touchpoints and unveiling the new brand through unique campaigns.

But even successful brands can’t stay stagnant forever. As your company grows and evolve, your brand needs to keep pace.

There are key signs that indicate it’s time to breathe new life and rebrand. 

Rebrand Reasons: When a Brand Overhaul Makes Sense

Your Branding Feels Stale and Dated

Trends come and go. If your branding feels straight out of the 80’s or 90’s, it’s likely time for a little updating. From your logo to color scheme to messaging, evaluate if your overall image feels current. A modern, relevant brand connects better with today’s customers. Don’t let an outdated brand prevent your company from being seen as innovative. 

Your Offerings Have Expanded

Businesses rarely stay exactly the same over the years. You may have expanded into new product lines or services. If your current branding only reflects a portion of what you offer, it’s misleading. A rebrand allows your image to realign with the actual scope of your offerings. All customers should feel that your brand resonates, not just long-time clients and customers. 

Your Target Audience Has Changed

Just as your business evolves, so do your customers. You may now serve a different demographic or perhaps you expanded to new geographical areas. If your brand doesn’t speak to who your audience is today, it’s time for an update. Freshen up language, visuals, and messaging to better reflect your current ideal customers.

Your Messaging Feels Vague or Dated

Your slogan or tagline is part of what sticks in customers’ minds. If your branding lacks memorable messaging or the wording now feels stale, rebranding presents an opportunity to refine it. Find new messaging that captures your mission, personality, and offerings in a catchy, meaningful way. 

Your Brand Lacks Differentiation

There may be little separating you from competitors in a crowded industry. Rebranding is your chance to stand out from the pack. Identify what makes you unique and amplify those differentiators in your new branding. A distinctive, memorable brand builds recognition and loyalty. 

Your Own Team Lacks Brand Affinity

Your employees are essentially brand ambassadors. If your own team doesn’t fully understand or connect with your brand essence, that’s a red flag. Rebranding rallies your staff behind the new brand by reinvigorating what you stand for. 

Evolve Before It’s Too Late

Just like your products or services, your branding needs to stay up-to-date and reflect where your company is now. Periodic refreshers are wise, but know the signs indicating an overhaul is truly needed. Rebrand at the right time to stay resonant, distinctive and poised for future success. With clear signals, you can confidently give your company’s brand the reboot it deserves.

Rebranding Tips

If the signs indicate it’s time to rebrand, where do you start?

Consider these efforts for refreshing and realigning your brand: 

  • Redesign your logo, color scheme, fonts, etc. to feel more modern
  • Create new messaging focused on current positioning and offerings
  • Overhaul website and marketing materials to match new visual identity
  • Develop new tagline and branding statement that sums up your company now
  • Refresh brand guidelines to maintain consistency across channels
  • Educate employees on changes so they represent new branding
  • Announce rebrand campaign via press releases, events and promos

While rebranding takes significant effort, it’s worthwhile for companies who want to remain competitive. Partnering with a branding agency can maximize results by leveraging research and strategic planning.

The crucial first step is digging into whether your current branding still algins with your business and buyers. If not, a refresh could be vital for continued success. Carefully executed, a rebrand can reignite customer interest and position your evolving company for the future. 

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