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Having an eye-catching headline can make or break potential business opportunities. Some businesses just nail it! I’ve done you the favor of listing some of my favorites out below. These companies use a creative approach and to make it clear exactly what they do, how they do it, and why you need it. Within 2 seconds of clicking a link to their website, I’m sold. That’s the magic in a perfect brand statement. Their brand voice is clear and cohesive to their message.

I hope this list will spark inspiration where you feel stuck with your message and your branding.

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1. HubSpot: There’s a better way to grow

HubSpot’s tagline offers their customers “a better way.” This makes customers question what they are currently using and how it could improve. The subline that follows helps back up the tagline with a message on how exactly they can be an improvement compared to the competitor.

hubspot home page
hubspot home page

2. Gumroad: Creators deserve to get paid for their work. Gumroad makes it easy.

Gumroad presents a problem and offers a solution all in one message. It’s very direct, and straight to the point. It mirrors what their brand voice is. Their message is easy to read just like their services are easy to use. This helps customers know what their brand is like before researching more.

Gumroad home page

3. WP Engine: Go beyond managed WordPress hosting. 

WP Engine highlights why it is important to state what makes you different from other businesses. Their statement shows that they go above and “beyond” what you need and accommodate all types of businesses. This makes customers feel like there is always room for improvement.

wp engine home page
wp engine home page

4. Mizzen+Main: Conquer comfortably in the newest styles you’ll never want to take off. 

P: Using bold and fun wording like, “Conquer comfortably” can help set the tone for your brand and make your one-liner more interesting. Mizzen + Main is a brand that prides itself on creating clothes that look good but also feel good, and their one-liner matches that. Their tagline helps give a preview to customers about how their clothes will make them feel.

Mizzen + Main Home Page

5. Evernote: Accomplish more with better notes

Evernote’s tagline shows that they allow their customers to accomplish more. Their subheading also reiterates that they help save time, which shows exactly how they can be of value to you. This simple message helps customers automatically know the benefit of using Evernote’s services. The ultimate message is that they help you save time and that is something that a lot of people want.

Evernote Home Page
Evernote Home Page

6. Squareup: The future of business is yours to shape.

Square’s tagline is creative and different. They emphasize the customers value to their own business and help them visualize their potential.

Square Home Page

7. Salesforce: Connect to your customers in a whole new way with the world’s #1 CRM platform

Salesforce found what their customer’s needs are and put it in their tagline and subheading. This helps their customers see exactly how they can help you right away. Stating that they are #1 helps show their confidence in what they do. Providing an easy-to-read list underneath helps back up their headline.

Salesforce Landing PAge

8. Mint: Experience a fresh way to manage money

Mint uses a clever approach to tie their tagline with their name. The wordplay helps reiterate that what they offer is different than what other companies offer. The whole page plays into their brand voice by being clean and organized and helps the customer feel like everything is in order.

Mint Landing Page

9. Updatey: Simple. Beautiful. Project Management.

Updatey used a very simple tagline with just three words. They provide project management that is supposed to be easy for everyone to understand and their tagline helps reflect that. This easy-to-understand message can help customers understand exactly what they do right away.

Updatey Landing Page

10. Zapier: Automation that works for you. 

Zapier’s tagline shows how they are a value to their customers by making things easier for them. It helps the customer understand that they provide services that will work for them instead of having customers work hard to use their services.

Zapier Landing Page

11. Optimizely: Unlock digital potential

Optimizely’s one-liner emphasizes their creativity by pointing out their customer’s “potential” and using bright graphics to give examples. This helps incite innovation in their customers and helps them picture all of the possibilities in what they can do.

Optimizely Landing Page

12. Gusto: See how easy payroll and benefits can be.

P: Gusto’s headline wants to show how easy it can be when you use their services. Adding a question underneath their tagline helps show the importance of their services and makes potential customers think about their own payroll and how they can make it easier.

Gusto Landing Page

13. Crazyegg: Make your website better. Instantly.

Crazyegg gets straight to it with their use of language. Many people value their time and using a word like “instantly” is a good way to emphazie that their time will be valued.

Crazy Egg Home Page

14. Digit: Take the worry out of money

Digit shows that using their services will help make their customers stress less. Their tagline says directly that it will make your life easier. The serene graphics that their anti-worry message helps customers feel at ease.

digit home page
digit home page

15. Unbounce: Convert more sales

Unbounce tells you what you want to hear in their tagline. Their main goal is to get you more sales and their tagline reflects that. The use of a bold statement with a vivid background color helps the brand create a strong reliable message that pulls customers in.

unbounce home page

These brands clearly put some thought and effort into creating a brand statement that is creative and stays true to who they are. Finding what makes your brand unique, being the solution to your customer’s problems, and knowing your audience is what is going to inspire immediate action in your readers.

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