The Dollar Value of Your Website’s Care Plan

Small Business owners have enough on their plate already, so why add maintaining a website to the long list of things to do. Maintaining a website is better than repairing a website, but it also requires constant upkeep, and who has time for that! What you need is someone to give your website constant TLC. Read more about what might be included in a website care plan here. Here are some reasons why a website care plan is an investment and not an expense.

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Talking Dollar Value

Can paying monthly for website care actually save money in the long run?

There are so many aspects to running a small business. This includes your website. Constantly worrying about your website or worse, forgetting about it, will cost you time(stress) and potentially a lot of money. What happens if your website crashes under your watch? You would have to pay someone to fix it anyway! Having someone who is continuously maintaining your website will ensure that it is running properly and most importantly easy to find and easy to use.

Think of it this way, if you’re spending too much of your time on the upkeep of your site then that’s less time you’ll be spending on your business meaning, less GROWTH! When you add it up, hiring a web designer may seem like a big and possibly, unnecessary expense. But, if your goal is growth, you would hire a salesperson or invest in a way to bring in leads. What if your website worked so well that it’s like having an automated salesperson? If your website is partly how you get leads, you need it to run well, right? Do you see where I’m going?

Maybe you could have an assistant or utilize the receptionist to do the job. Well, if you’re busy enough, your receptionist is going to be busy. An assistant with some good web and marketing experience is a good option, but how much would you pay them? $15 an hour? At 25 hours a week, that’s $1500 a month!

The Value of your Customer’s Experience on Your Website

You want your customers to be able to have access to your website at any time. More than that, you want them to be able to find information without frustration. Well, it should be structured well in the first place, but what about when you need to add things. It’s more than just knowing how. Design and user experience is a factor as well. A good website care plan will include user analysis. You may have heard of Google Analytics before. Web designers use it to see how people are interacting with your site and how it could possibly be improved for better results. This is invaluable.

Information updates aside, if your website is out of date, damaged, slow, or worst of all, not sending you contact forms – you’re losing leads. From a financial standpoint, if each potential customer represents 1,000 dollar profit, then losing just one customer because of a cumbersome website justifies paying for a monthly website care plan by a landslide


I can’t express to you how much value there is in optimizing your website. Your website is a tool, without tuning it over time, it goes to waste. A website can be beautiful, but putting it out there on the internet is not enough for it to be an asset to your business. Organic search is absolutely the most economical way to bring in business. Where do you go when you need a service done? Probably Google. If you click the top link and the site won’t load, doesn’t show on your phone correctly, or links are broken I bet you move onto the next link.

Some optimization tasks that should be done as a part of regular website maintenance are listed below.

Read more about what our specific care plan includes here


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) updates is what helps you climb to the top of that search page. What many website designers won’t tell you though is that SEO is a long game. If you are interviewing someone and they promise to get you at the top of the search page right off the bat, RUN. SEO maintenance means continuously doing keyword research and applying it to your site. It means checking for errors, site speed, analyzing and editing search terms within the page, and much more.


Auditing means regularly checking to see if your site flows well and is generating leads with tools like Google Analytics.  88% of consumers are less likely to return to a website after a bad experience, so testing your site to see if it is moving slow, looks messy, or isn’t working across mobile platforms is important. Also, making sure to see if your website is helping you to bring in customers will help you adjust your business to make sure you reach your goals. 

The internet is a tricky beast, software and regulations are constantly changing. If consuming information on these things isn’t part of your daily agenda, things get out of whack fast. And, if you aren’t following the rules, google punishes you.


As time goes on you might want to change what services or products you offer. You want to be able to change your website while still maintaining its integrity. As I said before, adding pages or paragraphs here and there is a pretty easy task to learn. However, integrating design and user experience knowledge is key to making sure your website is a sales tool and not a time and money drain.

Something many small businesses overlook is website security.

You want your customers’ information to be secure when using your website. You also want to make sure your customers feel secure when using your website. Outsourcing your website maintenance can make sure you can keep up with security updates and prevent any website threats. And if your website does get hacked, you’ll have someone on hand who can quickly assess the problem and fix it. This is such an important aspect to keep your information and your customers’ information safe! 

Ready to talk about what your dollar value of your care plan would be?

As you can see, your website work doesn’t end right after it’s created. It needs constant care! Maintaining a healthy and beautiful website doesn’t have to be hard on you. Leave the technical stuff to someone who is trained to do it. Outsourcing this work will make things easier for you in the long run and will help your business thrive! 

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