What are you getting from your website?

A website is a big investment and you’re right to ask: “what’s in it for me?” I can’t speak for every web designer but, to me, the value is in the attention to detail.

What you get from me: Content planning guidance and brand consultation:

What that means for you: Your website is the foundation for all of your marketing. Your time and effort spent networking, whether in person or online, will eventually lead back to your website. With careful planning and strategizing, your website will reflect the person your customer shook hands with or that social post that caught their eye, and that will build trust! We put a big emphasis on building content that speaks to that. Whether I guide you in planning the content by providing an outline and some advice or I write the content in its entirety, your website visitors will get the right impression and information from your website.

What you get from me: A website built quickly and painlessly

What that means for you: It’s not fast food; you can get quality quickly! It’s really about clear and open communication through a set of carefully crafted processes. My job starts with identifying your goals and empathizing with your customers. Then the design is just putting all of the pieces together. We can take out the guesswork and endless revision cycles by simply gathering all of our supplies before we begin the build! 

What you get from meOptimized content and brand voice

What that means for you:  You may have heard of keywords. You may have even been told that if you fit enough of them on one page, you’ll be at the top of google searches. I’m not making such promises. What I do promise is that I utilize your brand’s voice to target what your customers are searching for and optimize your content to answer their questions with empathy. Your website will talk about what your business has to offer but, more importantly, how your customer benefits, and ultimately that’s what they are buying.

What you get from me: 5+ Premium Licensed Plugins

What does that mean for you: Access to my toolbox of products that I trust. If you aren’t in the web world, you may not know but, plugins are small programs that run inside of your website to add functions like forms, social sharing, and so much more. There are so many to choose from, and they all promise the world, but really a lot of them can break sites, slow them down, or just always mess up. I have tested, researched, and invested in the plugins I use because they get the job done best! 

What you get from me: On-page SEO

What does that mean for you: It doesn’t mean keywords on every line! Building pages of a website with search optimization in mind has changed a lot. Search engines have realized that users want relevant, helpful information on pages that are easy to use. This means pages that load quickly and look just as good on phones as they do desktop computers. It means pages with clear navigation and easy-to-find buttons. Behind the scenes, photos need to be appropriately labeled and sized and every page needs to be ADA & GDPR compliant. These SEO rules are always changing. As your web designer, I’m on top of it.

What you get from me: Sitemaps submitted to search engines, Google Analytics, and a Google My Business Listing.

What does that mean for you: This is the crossing of the T’s and the dotting of the I’s! I want your website found, so I tell all the search engines how to find it, and then add tracking to see how many people actually found it and what they did when they got there. To put the cherry on top, I’m going to make sure Google has the right information to list when people search locally.

What you get from me: Premium Customer Support

What does that mean for you: As a part of your TLC Care plan, I’m here for you! Of course, I’ll make changes and fixes as you need them, but more than that, I am here for support! If you have an idea you aren’t sure about, if you’re looking for advice or just need someone to help spread the word, I’m here! Read more about what you get from a website care plan here.

Websites shouldn’t be an arbitrary box to tick when you begin or revamp your business marketing. Hiring a web designer shouldn’t be like a blind date either. You need to know what you’re getting and get value from your investment. That’s what I offer, ultimate transparency and a website that works for you. Please feel free to reach out with any questions, I’m an open book.

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I'm KT and I'm the face behind Trulove Webworks. I live in Montgomery, TX with my husband and 3 beautiful daughters. I love design and business strategy but the real reason I do what I do is because I want to see more small businesses thrive.


- Katelyn Trulove
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