Understanding Your Website’s Care Plan

What’s Included in the Flexible Care Plan, TLC Care Plan, and 100% Healthy Website Plan?

I’ll decipher that long list for you!

Trulove Webworks Care Plan Includes:


It’s easy to confuse hosting with a domain registrar. A website is basically a hierarchy of files, the host stores all of these files and protects them from being corrupted. Your domain name is just an address that tells the web browser to go to find the files. 

Our hosting service is a small business like you so you get the benefit of in-person help from someone that knows who you are but we use cloud storage that is trusted by large companies so you can rest easy knowing that your files are secure. (Included in the Flexible Care Plan, TLC Care Plan, and 100% Healthy Website Care Plan)


Security is so important to keep your business safe and your customers safe. Without security monitoring, confidential information can be compromised. Regular security checks, security updates, and antivirus protection are all steps that will be taken to ensure your website will stay safe. As a part of hosting we not only store the files but we are constantly monitoring and improving security.  (Included in the Flexible Care Plan, TLC Care Plan, and 100% Healthy Website Care Plan) 


Daily backups of your entire website are stored in more than one place so that if worst comes to worst and something goes awry we got your back. We know that the longer your website is down the more money your business may lose so we make sure that if anything happens you can get your website up and running effortlessly. All of the time and money you put into creating your website won’t be lost!  (Included in the Flexible Care Plan, TLC Care Plan, and 100% Healthy Website Care Plan)

Ongoing work on your onsite SEO

Maintaining your website’s SEO on-site is incredibly important to make sure your website is being seen by local leads. This includes making sure your content is optimized, making sure your links between pages work, using the right meta tags and having optimized URLs.

2 Hours of content updates

As your business grows and evolves so will your website. Updating your content will keep your customers up to date with what you do and can fix any errors that might come up when things do change. It also can help with your SEO! (Included in the TLC Care Plan and the 100% Healthy Website Care Plan)

Software updates

Keeping up and implementing software updates will help keep your website running efficiently and keep it safe from security threats. Having a fast and reliable website will overall make it more user-friendly. This will make potential customers want to use your website. (Included in the TLC Care Plan and the 100% Healthy Website Care Plan)

On-call support

Knowing you have tech support whenever you need it can help take the stress away. On-call support means having someone there who will help evaluate and fix any problems quickly. (Included in the TLC Care Plan and the 100% Healthy Website Care Plan)

Google Analytics Tracking

Google Analytics is a service that gives you information about how people interact with your website and your website traffic. Regular tracking can help give valuable insight to determine if there are any areas you could adjust to get the website traffic that you want. (Included in the TLC Care Plan and the 100% Healthy Website Care Plan) 

Google my Business set up at site launch

To show up on a google Maps search you must have a profile set up and verified through google my business. This is also where you can post your hours, contact info photos of your services, link to your website, and gather reviews from customers. This is by far one of the best tools for a local business to have. Regularly updating your profile boosts your chance of being first in the list on a map search.

Quarterly strategy sessions

Your quarterly strategy sessions will involve looking at your website’s analytics to determine if it is working for you and your business. This is the time to evaluate what changes need to happen in order to make any improvements. It’s beneficial to your business to regularly strategize that way you can always stay on top. (Included in the TLC Care Plan)


SEO strategy and reporting are all about evaluating current SEO trends, reporting and evaluating your own SEO, and coming up with a plan to make SEO work for your business. The goal is to boost your website’s ranking on search engines. (Included in the 100% Healthy Website Care Plan)


This service includes registering your website in my SEO monitoring software which sends me regular reports on the status of your SEO and suggests improvements I can make. Fixing any broken links, keyword research, and optimizing content are all ways SEO can be maintained monthly.  (Included in the 100% Healthy Website Care Plan)


SEO backlinks are the links to your website. They can be on web directories, blog articles, or other websites relevant to your industry. This improves your SEO in a few ways. Firstly, google LOVES when you have a ton of websites linking to your website! It tells them that you are a trusted authority in your industry. Additionally, people reading the articles, websites, or directories that your link appears in searched for that information so, they are very likely to need your services and might just end up a customer. For more information on SEO backlinks, check out this blog.  (Included in the 100% Healthy Website Care Plan)

Google My Business optimization on a monthly basis

Registering your business and maintaining your business with Google My Business will help make your website visible locally. Making sure your pictures are up to date, responding to reviews, and making sure your contact information is up to date are all ways to boost your standing with Google and raise your chances of being found in a local search.  (Included in the 100% Healthy Website Care Plan)

One blog post per month

Some people call it “content marketing”. The idea is to be there to answer potential clients’ questions that they may search on google. They put a question in the search bar and if you have the best answer, you got yourself a website visitor. Think of it this way, more information = higher probability that a search term exists on your website. So with each blog post you are putting out more and more keywords that may lead a googler straight into your arms. By blogging relevant content you are also setting yourself apart as an expert in your industry. An additional perk is that content updates to your site is yet another standard that google looks for when ranking your site.  (Included in the 100% Healthy Website Care Plan)

Strategy sessions

The Monthly strategy session includes everything from the quarterly strategy sessions to the TLC care plan except you are doing it more often. This can really help your business thrive by consistently accessing your website.   (Included in the 100% Healthy Website Care Plan)

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