When small business equals small budget, here are 6 things that can help.

Woman working on computer in her business

So you're starting a business. Congratulations!

Building something for yourself is extremely courageous and admirable in my book.

How Will You Market Yourself?

You are surely an expert in your field. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t be building a business around it, right? But marketing yourself, that’s another story. It can be very overwhelming! And honestly, it distracts from the real goals of your small business.

I feel you, and you are definitely not alone! 

So many small business owners that I know personally and professionally are in the same boat. 

There is hope, though! Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Get a Google My Business listing.

This is a must! Getting a business listing on Google is the first step to getting your small business found online and looking legitimate to potential customers. You’ve probably seen it when you do your own google searches. It’s a quick reference of all of your business information. Go to this link, and it will walk you through all of the steps. 

2. Set up Social Media accounts

Even if you don’t want to post or know what to post, set them up anyway! Facebook and Instagram first and then depending on your business, some others like Pinterest or Linkedin can be beneficial. Create accounts and add all of your correct information as soon as possible. People will search for you and even communicate through messages, so make sure you turn on notifications. 

3. Buy a domain

You may not have a website on your radar just yet, but you will need one eventually. You don’t want your perfect domain name to be unavailable when the time comes. I prefer to buy all of mine through google domains. And while you’re at it, spring for the gsuite email, so your domain name is at the end of your professional email address (it adds trust and authority to your brand)

4. Do the math

Ok, so everything above is free or low cost, but if you plan for longevity in your small business, you need to work marketing into your budget. If you got a business loan, you probably had to show some profit projections. If you haven’t worked that out yet, it’s worth spending some time one. Now add a section to that spreadsheet for marketing! Entrepreneur.com recommends spending 12%-20% of your gross revenue on marketing. It’s worth it; invest in yourself! Show yourself some good faith.

5. Get a professional website for a small monthly payment.

Now, this is where I’m biased. I have created a web package specifically for people like you. Here’s how it works; instead of paying $2000 or more upfront for a website and then a monthly maintenance fee, you pay a little bit per month and nothing upfront. I understand that it might not be in the budget yet. See above. Add it to that spreadsheet. 

A little secret from me to you, my monthly clients are my favorite! Working with you month to month allows me to give you ongoing value. We’ll create a brand voice for you and develop it into something truly special over time. I get the privilege of working alongside you and seeing you grow, and that can’t be beat! 

If this sounds like a fantastic option, you can learn more here or contact me to discuss it further.

Oh and… I’m currently offering the super sweet and invaluable gift of premium SEO service ($250 per month value) for the first 6 months when you are on a monthly website plan.

6. Last resort, do some bandaid marketing.

This is probably counter-intuitive to my success as a web designer, but you can create a very low-cost landing page if you are really desperate. Services like Wix and Squarespace make clean-looking sites that you can plug your info into for a small monthly price. Read this post about why I consider this a last resort temporary option. But at the end of the day, I want you to succeed, and a website is absolutely essential for any small business.

I could go on and on, but for now, that’s my piece! Take it and run with it.

Be brave, take breaths, and kick small business marketing ass!

You can do this! You are already so much further along than most people will ever get.

- Katelyn Trulove

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Woman working on computer in her business

When small business equals small budget, here are 6 things that can help.

So you're starting a business. Congratulations!

Building something for yourself is extremely courageous and admirable in my book.
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