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What Is Organic Marketing?

Organic marketing utilizes unpaid online channels and earned media to promote a brand. This involves understanding your audience's interests and pain points so we can provide them value through relevant, high-quality content. Whether through social media, blogs, videos, or other formats, our goal is to build relationships and share information people genuinely want. This earns real engagement and trust.

We start by getting to know your business and ideal customers inside and out. Through strategic keyword research, we identify topics and questions your audience cares about. We then create optimized, helpful content to organically attract and convert these potential customers. This content spreads through relevant online communities and social platforms as people tag friends, like, comment, and share it with networks linked back to you.

Over time, this organic approach boosts brand awareness, establishes you as an industry thought leader, and generates inbound traffic to your site. And because it prioritizes value for audiences rather than interruption, it builds consumer loyalty and supports long-term success. Our social media and digital marketers combine creativity with analytical skills to connect your brand with the right people at the right time.

"Katie comes to every meeting with excitement and tons of creative ideas for engaging prmotions. She's done everything for us from social media to helping develop concepts for new businsses. Logos, print design, digital marketing - she does it all with enthusiasm and top-notch customer service."

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Social Media Management

  • Social Media Strategy and Optimizations

    We conduct an audit of your existing social profiles (up to three channels), craft a personalized social media strategy and content plan, and optimize social profiles such as your page/profile descriptions, images, etc. 

  • Social Media Content Creation

    Our social media experts conceptualize and design custom branded content across platforms—from captivating text and graphics to eye-catching images, videos, and beyond—that resonates with your target audience while consistently aligning with your brand voice and persona.

  • Community Management and Engagement

    We actively monitor, join in, and nurture social conversations to showcase your brand personality through authentic and consistent engagement likes, comments, shares, and promotion of reviews or user-generated content on a daily/weekly basis.

  • Post Scheduling and Analytics

    We schedule social media content to publish automatically at optimal times and provide performance tracking across your channels, analyzing key metrics to showcase content progress toward meeting your digital goals.

Our complete Digital Marketing package takes your online presence to the next level. What does it include?

  • Our full Social Media Marketing Package.

  • Email Marketing: Design beautiful, on-brand email campaigns to engage your subscriber base. Includes sign-up forms, drip campaigns, promotions, and performance reports.

  • Quarterly Reporting & Insights: Detailed analytics reports provide key metrics, trends, and insights so we can refine strategies to meet your business goals.

  • Attention-Grabbing Promotions: Drive Results with our digital marketing experts conceptualize and design creative, on-brand graphic content and visual promotions to boost engagement across digital channels.

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Frequently Asked Questions

about social media and digital marketing

We currently manage Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but each package is custom to you!

Our Social Media and Digital Marketing packages start at 3 posts per week per channel.  More posts can be created/scheduled for additional cost.

YES! All content is shared via Airtable and video walkthrough each month before scheduling or posting.  Unless specified in your contract, we won't post a thing without approval.

When we gather metrics for your quarterly performance report we look at page growth, post reach (visibility), engagement, and page visits.  

Yes! All graphics and visual elements are created for you and you only.  We work with your brand elements and guidelines to create visuals that are unique to your brand!

Absolutely! We offer both Website Development and Local SEO, but if you're looking for the ultimate bundle, our Complete Brand Management package may be right for you!

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