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The Why and What of Your Website’s Care Plan

By Katelyn Trulove / October 27, 2021 /

Your website is complete but now what? The upkeeping of a website might seem like a simple task but it involves so many elements that might be hard for someone who isn’t trained in web design to do. Setting up a care plan with your web designer can help! Maintaining a website includes keeping up…

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The Dollar Value of Your Website’s Care Plan

By Katelyn Trulove / October 14, 2021 /

Small Business owners have enough on their plate already, so why add maintaining a website to the long list of things to do. Maintaining a website is better than repairing a website, but it also requires constant upkeep, and who has time for that! What you need is someone to give your website constant TLC.…

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Wait! Before You Hire A Web Designer, Here Are 5 Things You Need To Know.

By Katelyn Trulove / September 22, 2021 /

Creating a website that works for you is a time investment as well as a financial investment. But if you are prepared and strategic it can be your most valuable asset. A successful website requires planning before you build and upkeep once it’s launched. Having a great website starts with you and your ideas. Before…

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Is Your Website Working for you? Audit Your Website With This 10 Point Checklist

By Katelyn Trulove / September 8, 2021 /

Creating a good website is an important step to creating a good business. Auditing your website sounds like a scary and time-consuming task but it’s really simple. It can help you identify what works and what doesn’t, that way you can get more leads and improve your SEO. Here are some items to consider to…

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What are you getting from your website?

By Katelyn Trulove / November 12, 2020 /

A website is a big investment and you’re right to ask: “what’s in it for me?”

I can’t speak for every web designer but, to me the value is in the attention to detail.

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